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Selections of Articles from:

Trout Comic (1990-1991)
A nationally distributed print comic created to compete with Viz.

My Wife Is A Man! Shock Claim by Dennis Thatcher!

Madonna in Show Stopper Pop Shocker!

I Know How It Feels To Be A Woman! Claims Pete Townsend!

Classical Profiles: Beethoven!

Dodge Magazine (1991-1992)
An ambitious, nationally distributed glossy.
Articles written under the pseudonym 'Paul Bryant'. (Don't ask!)

The Fall and Rise of Benny Hill

Individualism Hits Out! (Double page spread - p.1)

Individualism Hits Out! (Double page spread - p.2)

Bonjour Paris Magazine (2004-2005)
Clumsily 'rebuilt' from the original BP format, the spirit survives!

Death in the Afternoon: The Catacombs.

The Ganesh Festival.

Dangerous De-Liaisons: What's really behind the war between the US and France?

A Brief History of Paris.

Breaking News (2005-2006)
The (badly) self-built site, made for laughs, that scored thousands of hits.

Rolling Stone Breaks Bones In Cigarette Gasper Plaster Caster Disaster!

Scarlett Johannson Sex Bomb Mahogany Explosion!

Little Harry Potty in Zit Hell Magic Spell Girl Trouble Movie Muddle!

Paris Hilton IS Mother Teresa Shocker!

Michael Davitt Article

Radio Script
Broadcast/Monologue (short) (1996)

The Wine Bottle, The Glory & The Killer.
BBC Radio. Produced by Jenny Collins. Read by Allan Beswick.

Poetry - Van Gogh's Ear (2012)

The Children At The Funeral.

Screenplay Pitches (2004-2005)

Screenplay pitch: Running Dry.

Screenplay pitch: Sinking Joe Stone.

Screenplay pitch: Julie Dreaming.

Screenplay pitch: The Thing I Hate The Most.

Random Copy Holder

List Rollup

European SharePoint Conference 2015

Product Ad for Federal Agencies

Webinar Series Email

Product Webinar Email

IMB Art Studio/Green Campaign

Dimplex - Tried. Tested. Trusted

SharePoint 2016: Patchwork Perfection?

The Ultimate Answer to SharePoint, the Cloud, and Everything

Interview with Product Manager Bruno Gabrielli

SharePoint 2016: An Investment With Powerful Returns, Or an Expense You Don't Need?

SharePoint 2016: Down to Business With the New Release

Is Too Much Knowledge a Dangerous Thing?

On Prem vs Cloud: What You Need to Know

Lovingly's Story

Lovingly Store Landing Page

Lovingly Rebrand Landing Page

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